Robert Maynard Lifelock BipolarRobert Maynard on Bipolar Disorder:

The co-founder of LifeLock, Robert Maynard, was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder when he was 41 years old. By age 36, Robert was already set to retire. He graduated college number one in the state after only 5 semesters. He was a Special Forces commander in the Army. He started a company in the comfort of his own bedroom that went public after three years, and he published a book. This was all by the age of 36.

Aside from all of his successes, he was overwhelmed with debilitating fatigue along with the inability to control money or keep relationships. Doctors were unaware of his disorder for quite sometime, as he was first diagnosed with Major Depression among other diseases. By the time he was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder, his family and marriage were already falling apart. He was desperate for a cure.

At the time, Electro Shock Therapy (ECT) was the only known cure for major depression. It was a horrifying prospect for Robert since he has made his living with his intellect and mind, but he still volunteered for the sake of his family.

Robert underwent bi-lateral ECT for three months. The most common side effect for this procedure is long lasting memory loss during the treatment and after. Ever since the treatment, Roberts’s memory has never been the same.

The treatment that Robert underwent was specifically for Major Depression. The treatment for Bipolar Disorder is different, sending Robert into his first major mania. During this mania, Robert went to Las Vegas convinced that he could beat the house. A couple of years later, he ended up in jail because of this. Robert Maynard He has no recollection of the incident.

The next few years were a spiral downwards into mental illness.  Robert went a very successful multimillion-dollar family man with a beautiful home on the hill, to living along with his dog on foodstamps and Medicaid. Doctors recommended he go on Social Security and live with the fact that he would be forever disabled.

From this experience, Robert grew an enormous sense of compassion for people who have had the misfortune to be diagnosed with a mental illness and are claimed to be “different” than what society expects as “normal”.

Robert Maynard is working on another book that helps families recognize and cope with a family member diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. Had his wife known about the disease and ways to handle it, things could have gone very differently.

Bipolar disorder is a horrifying, terrible, disastrous, and deadly disease. It is purely evil as it tears families apart and causes mass amounts of grief. Half of patients that are diagnosed and treated for the disease die before their time. The best advice is to get the best treatment you can afford.  Robert Maynard went from Lifelock, to infamy because of this monstrous disease. Don’t suffer along. Reach out to Robert, and he’ll help in whatever capacity he can.